Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy

memaknai hidup

There are several things the Lord has shown me for this New Year of 2007. Allow me to summarize them for you.

First, and foremost, you must settle who you are in God. You must settle in your heart that you are called by God. Even from your mother’s womb, God has set you apart.

Secondly, you must know that God has put a sword in your mouth. Swords are used to protect but they are also used to ‘war’.

I feel God is saying that 2007 is a time for you to “Possess Your Promises”. However, to possess your promises, you must first, war.

God’s Word to you (His Promises) has already been given but this is the year for possession. So break off the fear and apathy of war and begin to use the ‘sword’ that God has put in your mouth.

The tongue is like a sword. God says I have put my prophetic word in your mouth, now release it in Victory. Loosen the promises that the enemy has ‘locked up’. Use the sword of my Word to cut off the chains and open the heavens. This is your year of victory and release of all the devil has kept from you.

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